wildlife documentaries

Amazon, Super River

Producer: Emma Rigney

Exploring the greatest river on earth. Stunning photography and aerial pictures and a comprehensive look at the Amazon’s incredible inhabitants and fascinating history.

Penguins – cool bird in a hot spot

Producer: Cluny South

An uplifting look at the unlikely inhabitants of Boulders Beach, Cape Town. These delightful birds have swapped their traditional island home for a life in the city.

Flower Power

Producer: Emma Rigney

Nature’s Fury

Producer: Emma Rigney

Deadly Vipers

Producer: Phil Chapman

The greatest danger is the one that's hidden... Vipers kill more people than any other creature on earth, but there is much to admire in their beauty and their cunning.

Living Colour

Producer: Emma Rigney


Producer: Jerry Short

A wild romance (Titles only)

Producer: Susie Staples

Birds Behaving Badly

Producer: Phil Chapman

The magnificent Frigate Bird: a bird that pushes every boundary to the limit; a pirate of the oceans, majestic, but with a mean streak.