commercial works

Last Words

Director: Jonathan Nossiter

2085: a handful of survivors. The climate crisis and a love letter to the beauty and the power of cinema. With Nick Nolte, Charlotte Rampling, Alba Rohrwacher and Stellan Skarsgård. Selected for the  2020 Cannes Film Festival.

Gauguin – a dangerous life

Director: Patricia Wheatley

Timed to coincide with the exhibition of Gauguin's portraits at the National Gallery. Cinema release October 2019, BBC broadcast December 2019.

Discovery Education

Producer: Susie Staples

Music for several Discovery Education programmes.

Commercials Showreel

Dettol Surface Cleaner, Oil of Olay, Head and Shoulders, Supradyn, Solpadeine, Heinz.

The Rose

Short promotional film by jewellery designer Eliane Fattal: the making of The Rose.


Director: Patricia Wheatley

Japan's greatest artist.
British Museum and NHK co-production.
Cinema release June 2017, BBC broadcast July 2017.

Commercials: recent close calls

Includes Debenham's, Persil and NatWest.
A track derived from the Persil music ('Melting') is available to buy on Audio Network.


A Mustique Tale

Lord Glenconner and the island of Mustique.


The Discus Thrower

British Museum film about the famous discus thrower: a marble copy of the lost bronze original of the fifth century BC.

How to start a revolution

Producer/Director: Ruaridh Arrow

The story of the power of people to change their world, the modern revolution and the man behind it all: Gene Sharp, the world's leading expert on non-violent revolutions.

Dettol cold and flu ball

Dettol spray

Amazon, Super River

Producer: Emma Rigney

Exploring the greatest river on earth. Stunning photography and aerial pictures and a comprehensive look at the Amazon’s incredible inhabitants and fascinating history.

Michaela’s Zoo Babies

Director: Susie Staples

Michaela Strachan guides us through the highs and lows of the new born in zoos and animal parks across the country.

Dettol ‘raw snacks’

Dettol surface cleaner


Director: Clare Beavan

Drama exploring the secret love life of Daphne du Maurier, based on personal letters and biographies. Unrequited passion and forbidden desire lead to a life-changing affair with an irreverent actress.

The whale that swam to London

Director: Toby MacDonald

The tale of the whale that got lost and swam up the Thames. Despite great efforts to save her, she died, but in doing so revealed much to science.

Disappearing Britain: Tea

Director: Richard Shaw

Elephants can remember

Director: Enyd Williams

Agatha Christie.
Dramatised by Michael Bakewell

Dumb Witness

Words: Enyd Williams

Daniel Libeskind – the making of an architect

Director: Chris Swann

The story of the architect of the Jewish Museum in Berlin who rose to prominence when he became the master planner of the rebuilding of Ground Zero.

K9 cops

Director: Susie Staples

The riddle of Einstein’s brain

Director: Tom Cholmondeley

Two scientists set out to find the remnants of Einstein's brain. Does genius reside in human tissue, or is it something more mysterious and incorporeal?

The Beatle Diaries

Director: Alan Ravenscroft

From Liverpool to San Francisco: the story of The Beatles from 1963 to 1969.

The mysterious affair at Styles

Director: Enyd Williams

And it came to pass…

Narration: Timothy West

The Christmas Story told in music and the words of the Gospels.

World Class Trains

Director: Alan Ravenscroft

On board some of the world’s most luxurious locomotives in some of the world’s most exotic locations.

The Kings and Queens of England

Producer: Rachael Griffiths

The enthralling story of the English Crown, from the dark days of the Anglo-Saxons to the House of Windsor.

Troy: myth or reality?

Producer: Steve Gillham


Producer: Holly Elson

Voices from another room

Director: Peter Kavanagh

The moving and the still

Director: Peter Kavanagh

The adventure of the Christmas pudding

Director: Enyd Williams

One, two, buckle my shoe

Director: Enyd Williams

Agatha Christie.
Dramatised by Michael Bakewell.

The mysterious hanging coffins of China

Director: Toby Macdonald

Unravelling the legend of the extinct Bo people and their extraordinary legacy: coffins clinging perilously to cliffs.
Winner: Best Documentary, Asian TV Awards 2004.

Women at war

Producer: Alan Ravenscroft

Under siege

Producer: Holly Elson

Europe’s secret armies

Producer: Bob Franklin

Napoleon’s Peninsular Campaign

Producer: Audrey Healy

The real story of ‘Sharpe’s War’: a defining moment of the 19th century.

Death in their hands

Producer: Gavin Bott

The reality of small arms combat and the development of weapons such as machine guns and flame throwers.

The Barn

Director: Ruaridh Webster

Surreal dark humour: the tale of two brothers locked in a barn by a pair of ruthless gangsters. Fantasies, hallucinations and a sheep...
Winner: Raindance Award 2004.

Diving into history (3 programmes)

Director: Tim Malyon

Sluk – wild in your garden

Director: Susie Staples


Director: Holly Elson

Entertaining and illuminating factual series on sexual taboos. Everything you can imagine and more...

Ghost Rig

Director: Julian Kean

Horror: a group of young environmental activists boards an abandoned oil rig, but the rig is not as empty as they first thought... A confrontation with evil ensues and a battle for survival.


Director: Katy Milner

Animation: young Mervyn’s imaginary world of spies and secret agents becomes real when his mother’s prize-winning cat, Maximus, is stolen.

The new face of leprosy

Director: Jenny Barraclough

CNN Traveller

Director: Amanda Maso

Film Moi

Director: Tor McLaren

Fatal Production

Director: Tor McLaren

Flagship ID

Director: Rob Kelly

Writer’s Block

Director: Rob Kelly


A song for a Nickelodeon programme that didn’t get made.

Penguins – cool bird in a hot spot

Producer: Cluny South

An uplifting look at the unlikely inhabitants of Boulders Beach, Cape Town. These delightful birds have swapped their traditional island home for a life in the city.

Eat dirt

Director: Alison Turner

Flower Power

Producer: Emma Rigney

Nature’s Fury

Producer: Emma Rigney

Sharpstone Hall

Director: Chris Godfrey

All the right moves

Director: Susie Staples

The things we do for love

Director: Chris Godfrey


Director: Mark Staufer

Anime Interstitials

Director: Mark Staufer


Director: James Dean

Psychological relationship drama: impotence, humour, betrayal and revenge.

Deadly Vipers

Producer: Phil Chapman

The greatest danger is the one that's hidden... Vipers kill more people than any other creature on earth, but there is much to admire in their beauty and their cunning.

This one’s for you

Director: Dan Berbridge

Music video request show, allowing viewers to dedicate a song and send a message to someone in their lives.

A car stopped…

Director: Ruaridh Webster

Omnibus (“Jennifer Saunders at the barre”)

Director: Jenny de Yong

Hot Pursuits

Director: Alan Ravenscroft

A house in Spain

Director: Nick Davies

Style Street

Director: Chris Wise

Bloomberg Techline

Director: Tori McLaren

Oil of Olay

Head and Shoulders


Kingsbury Square

Director: Chris Godfrey

The trials and tribulations of renovating and refurbishing a Georgian house.

Hitchcock Weekend

Director: James Dean

Trailer for one of the Hitchcock films that provided a weekend feast for fans of the Master of Suspense.

Once upon a time in Letterland

Once upon a time in Letterland

The fourth in the award-winning animation series that makes it fun for small children to learn to read.

Sci-Fi Channel Idents

Director: Tor McLaren

Tension and release, the scary becomes the everyday: three examples of a successful Sci-Fi Channel technique.

Letterland: A Christmas Story

Christmas comes to Letterland with games, food and entertainment (the third in the series).

Living Colour

Producer: Emma Rigney


Producer: Jerry Short

A wild romance (Titles only)

Producer: Susie Staples

Birds Behaving Badly

Producer: Phil Chapman

The magnificent Frigate Bird: a bird that pushes every boundary to the limit; a pirate of the oceans, majestic, but with a mean streak.

Jazz Week

A house in France

Director: Bob Franklin


Detective Dippy Duck

Dippy Duck is called upon to play detective when the Quarrelsome Queen's quilt goes missing (second in the series).

The Verge

Director: Ruaridh Webster

Cross Jeans (‘Original’)

Cross Jeans (‘Quarrel’)

Cross Jeans (‘Twister’)

Save the Tiger

Director: Daniel Kleinman

No holds barred cinema short drawing attention to the dwindling number of tigers in India.

The Letterland Story

The first in the award-winning series of Letterland videos.