concert works

Blue Electric

Libretto: Alba Arikha

Based on Alba Arikha's memoir, 'Major/Minor'
Completed opera premièred at the Playground Theatre in October 2020
Directed by Orpha Phelan

The Shepherd’s Song

Words: Edmund Bolton

To a child dancing in the wind

Words: W.B. Yeats

Forgotten Voices of the Great War

Song Cycle for soprano, tenor, baritone, cello & piano (12 songs)

Words from the book by Max Arthur
(the collated words of the men and women who were there)

Trust your heart

Words: E.E. Cummings


For violin and piano


Libretto: Rupert Thomson

Based on the novel by Rupert Thomson
Work in progress


Libretto: Alba Arikha

Chamber Opera

What Is the Word

A setting of Samuel Beckett's last poem scored for 2 sopranos, cello and narrator

In the bleak midwinter

Words: Christina Rossetti

Quo vadis?

For oboe, clarinet and bass clarinet

Jack and the Beanstalk

Sheep like stones

Words: Jenny Overton

Benedictus Benedicat

Red Riding Hood

Look thy last on all things lovely

Words: Walter de la Mare

Never doubt I love

Words: William Shakespeare

Tread lightly

Words: Oscar Wilde

King of the dump

Libretto: Juliet Ace

For piano and horn

Adagio for violin, recorder, horn and piano

Wind Quintet No.2

When days are long in May

Words: Jaufré Rudel (translation: Frederick Goldin)

The Canticle of the Sun

Words: St. Francis of Assisi, translated by Adrian House

Wind Quintet No.1

The Swarm

Library Music for string quartet

Sleeping Beauty

For large ensemble and narrator
Words: Emma House
Narrator: Harry Enfield


Library Music for string quartet

The Villagers’ Carol

Words: Kenneth Grahame

Carry her over the water

Words: W.H. Auden

Red Riding Hood

For large ensemble and narrator
Words: Emma House
Narrator: Harry Enfield

This endris night

Words: English 15th century

The Pied Piper

For large ensemble and narrator
Words: Emma House
Narrator: Simon James

Not waving, but drowning

Words: Stevie Smith

The darkling thrush

Words: Thomas Hardy