film & tv drama

Gauguin – a dangerous life

Director: Patricia Wheatley

Timed to coincide with the exhibition of Gauguin's portraits at the National Gallery, the 90' film (including a 30' guided tour of the exhibition) will be released in cinemas nationwide on 15th October.


Director: Patricia Wheatley

Japan's greatest artist.
British Museum and NHK co-production.
Cinema release 4th June 2017.


Director: Chris Swann
Words: Chris Swann (after Isaiah)

On-going film project

18th century costume drama highlighting the plight of London's abandoned children and celebrating the three great men who sought to find a solution.


Director: Clare Beavan

Drama exploring the secret love life of Daphne du Maurier, based on personal letters and biographies. Unrequited passion and forbidden desire lead to a life-changing affair with an irreverent actress.

The Barn

Director: Ruaridh Webster

Surreal dark humour: the tale of two brothers locked in a barn by a pair of ruthless gangsters. Fantasies, hallucinations and a sheep...
**Winner: Raindance Award 2004**

Ghost Rig

Director: Julian Kean

Horror: a group of young environmental activists boards an abandoned oil rig, but the rig is not as empty as they first thought... A confrontation with evil ensues and a battle for survival.


Director: Katy Milner

Animation: young Mervyn’s imaginary world of spies and secret agents becomes real when his mother’s prize-winning cat, Maximus, is stolen.


Director: James Dean

Psychological relationship drama: impotence, humour, betrayal and revenge.

A car stopped…

Director: Ruaridh Webster

The Verge

Director: Ruaridh Webster

Save the Tiger

Director: Daniel Kleinman

No holds barred cinema short drawing attention to the dwindling number of tigers in India.